How Do You Find the Best Cheap Web Hosting?

When you are starting up a business were just starting up a website for your own personal use, you will want a web hosting company that you can depend on, and one that is also affordable. That being said, finding the best cheap web hosting is not always easy because sometimes you’ll find one that’s cheap but it isn’t as reliable as you wanted to be. So, doing your research ahead of time, before you decide to move your site, best way to go.

What Should You Look For In A Good Web Hosting Company?best web hosting

Everyone has their own particular needs when it comes to finding web hosting, and what is right one person might be right for you. For instance, if you are into online marketing and you have numerous websites, you will want the best web hosting company that will allow you to have multiple domains multiple websites all on one account. On the other hand, if you are more interested in making sure that your site doesn’t go down or that you have sufficient amounts of bandwidth, then you might want to choose a different kind of hosting company.

One of the features that seems to be important to just about everyone across the board is customer service. Most of us have called up a company for customer service, only to find out that our phone call was rerouted to a country like India or the Philippines. While it can certainly be entertaining to talk to a foreigner, it isn’t that much fun when you are struggling to get your site up or fix a technical therefore, it is usually a good idea to find the best cheap web hosting company that has at the very least North American technical support guaranteed.

What Should You Get In Terms Of Services With Your Plan?

If you are building a personal site or you are a very small business, then you might not have a lot of requirements such as needing to be able to build unlimited websites or utilize unlimited disk space on one particular account. However, more and more people are finding that owning numerous domain names and having all kinds of WordPress website is really the key to making a living online. Therefore, you will want a company that will allow you to have unlimited websites, unlimited disk space, and unlimited or at least a very large number of databases, on one single account.

What About Tools For Setting Up Your Site?

If you don’t have a website yet, then you will want to choose a hosting company that offers a wide variety of website building tools, such as WordPress, a shopping cart program, and a simple website builder. Many of the higher quality website hosting companies will also provide you with virus scanning, malware scanning, a premium DNS, and even an SSL certificate to satisfy your customers or clients.

Some other popular features that a lot of website hosting companies are offering right now involve around ad credits for Bing, Yahoo, Google, and Facebook. By starting your website with a variety of free advertising credit, you can quickly get your site listed on the search engines, which will help bring in more traffic and hopefully more sales.

What About Transferring Your Website?

One more thing that you might want to consider is that if you have a website already, and especially a WordPress-based website, then you might need some assistance in transferring this over to a new domain host. Simply moving over HTML files can be easy, but when you are dealing with MySQL databases, and other information, it is usually a good idea to choose a web hosting company that will do the group for you or at least guarantee that it will move swiftly.

Even the best cheap web hosting companies will offer you a free domain when you sign up, with some of them even offering to pay for that domain for life, which can save you a lot of money in the long run.

What Should You Expect To Pay?

There was a time, when you would expect to pay anywhere from $50-$200 per month for a simple hosting plan, which didn’t involve any more space on the servers. Thankfully, that has changed dramatically over the past few years, and you can now get hosting plans for far less than five dollars per month. If you want to sign up with one of the best cheap web hosting companies for more than a month, then you can expect to save much more money than that. It is not unusual to get high-quality hosting for $30-$50 per year or less, with that also including the purchase of a free domain and transfer of all your files, too.