List of the Top 10 Web Hosting Companies

server roomYou are ready to create you online business, but who is going to host it? You should ask yourself that question prior to launching your website. You should select a web hosting service that will host your website. There are a huge number of web hosting companies to choose from, however, getting the best one is rather challenging. They offer packages with different functionality, providing a huge range of both novice-friendly as well as advanced characteristics at a very low monthly cost.
Here are some of the top 10 web hosting services that might appeal to your needs.


JustHost is one of the best especially to beginner and a number of characteristics for experienced users. This web hosting service offers attractive packages with everything required to publish, build, and maintain your website. It also offers unlimited disk space domains and bandwidth. Their services are easy to use especially to the beginners to create a simple although a professional and polished website. Provides creation tools, which enables you to create a completely new website or else add new components like message boards, image galleries, or blogs to an existing website. SSL certificates and shopping carts are also available for ecommerce websites. You can also reach them via phone, live chat, and email. Besides, Just Host offers other support resources like user forums and video tutorials.

Go Daddy

Go Daddy is the other top web hosting service since it has so many characteristics on the market. The process of setup is easy, with alternatives of all levels of management. It provides services like server access, site creation tools, and secure facilities that store its data servers. Go Daddy is one of the largest webs hosting service in the world. It provides conceivable features like email, blogging, and databases however; shopping cart software depends on the extra monthly fees. There are various email options with every address including the domain name of the business. You can also reach Go Daddy staff via the phone, email or live chat at any time of the day. Additionally, the internet support forums as well as FAQs part contain good information for the starters and experienced users.


iPage is one of the top web hosting services due to its unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email that offers you with an opportunity to expand your business. Additionally, options for essential marketing tools, shopping cart tools, and the required support are available. iPage also has a easy-to-navigate interface. The service is good for both the intermediate-level users and beginners. It enables users to select between 3 site builders that can assist you to create a primary webpage or else a composite site. Besides iPage has photo and blog gallery setup wizards and it supports a number of content management systems. A strong interface allows automatic response as well as spam filters. The email service carries out virus scans to all received documents before reaching to the inbox and this reduces the chances of you computer being infected by a virus. Just like Go Daddy, iPage has technical support and you can reach them through email, chat or phone.


It is dedicated to serve clients with higher needs and larger bandwidth. The organization has a status for perquisites as well as extra characteristics for its clients, including a single click installs for blogging along with gallery software, which enables you to reach at your site and run it easily and fast. It also provides you with valuable features such as unlimited email accounts, bandwidth, databases and support Google apps. Consumer support is also available through live chat, email or through the phone.


It is popular since it offers customers with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and so many easy to install site templates. They offer their service at a very low price and single-click installs. Google AdWords credit is affordable and the longer you sign up for, a bigger the discount on your monthly hosting bill.


It is always included in the list of top web hosting companies. Their main offices are situated at Utah and they started their business ever since 1996. They are always informed about the modern apps and techs so they can provide you with the best web hosting services you would ever need. Their security is above average along with that they apply very advanced platform. Depending on the plan you decide to choose, their monthly rates are usually affordable and for your cash you get unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email, and file transfer with a free domain name.


You can also host your site or photo gallery with Linode though they offer Virtual private Server hosting where you turn up a virtual server with file transfer, disk space, and memory that you want for whatever site you are hosting or application you are creating. Some users make use of their Linode server as private; others use it as remote desktop replacements, while others use it to host their blogs, developed applications, and webapps. You get full root access and SSH on your servers, your Linux distribution of your choice and guaranteed resources.


LunarPages is also always included in the list of top 10 web hosting companies since they provide their customers with great irresistible packages. Their main offices are located in Los Angeles, California along with that they have numerous data centers situated in various areas around California. They have been in the business ever since 2000 and they have already set up a good reputation due to the kind of high quality services they offer to their customers. They can also provide you with the updated features and services and their security is dependable too. Their monthly charges are affordable though they depend on your choice. Their services are excellent and they provide their clients with FAQ pages, tutorials, and forums to assist their customers.


HostMonster are popular due to their exceptional platform. They are associated with BlueHost so they are equally reliable and dependable. This is the best company for either a business or personal website. They offer a maximum uptime to their customers. Additionally, they are always informed of the latest technologies and applications. They are available 24/7 to assist their customers through the phone, email or live chat. Their security is also dependable.


This is one of the most economical one of all. They offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space. In addition, in terms of reliability they are 99.9%.  They offer a decent hosting service for a reasonable price.

So as you can see, if you would like to succeed in your online business and you are looking for company to host your business, the above top 10 web hosting companies are the best for you since they have competitive services to secure customers.